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Sanggup belanja $8,000 untuk dapat peluang cium Gan Lu Lu

He spent over $8,000 on 50 bottles of Remy Martin Club in one night and won the opportunity to kiss busty Chinese model-actress Gan Lu Lu, 27, for five seconds.

Mr Eric Xu, 25, a Chinese entrepreneur who specialises in immigrant investments in Singapore, told The New Paper in Mandarin: “I felt quite excited and was looking forward to it, but after the kiss ended, I started to feel a little shy and did not dare look her straight in the eyes.”

Mr Xu was one of the 500 people who turned up at Club Lava in Chijmes to see the Chinese model in person, who was in Singapore for the club’s opening night on Saturday.

Lu Lu shot to fame in in 2011, after her mother, Madam Lei Bing Xia, had barged into the bathroom, filmed her daughter showering and uploaded the video online.

Madam Lei, who was also in town with her younger daughter, aspiring starlet Gan Mao Mao, 24, told TNP before the event: “It was a worthwhile effort and I definitely did not regret doing it...”

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