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Gambar terkini pergolakan di Mesir Part 3

Pada 2/2/2011, lebih sejuta rakyat Egypt telah berkumpul di Cairo bagi membantah secara besar-besaran pemerintahan Hosni Mubarak. Rusuhan secara besar-besaran itu masih lagi berlarutan hingga sekarang. Berikut adalah sambungan gambar pergolakan di Egypt.

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More than a million protesters flooded into central Cairo on Tuesday, turning the Egyptian capital's Tahrir, or Liberation, Square into a sea of humanity as massive protests against Hosni Mubarak swept across Middle East's most populous nation.

Packed shoulder to shoulder in and around the famed square, the mass of people held aloft posters denouncing the Egyptian president, and chanted slogans "Go Mubarak Go" and "Leave! Leave! Leave!"

Similar demonstrations calling on Mubarak to step down were also witnessed across other cities, including Sinai, Alexandria, Suez, Mansoura, Damnhour, Arish, Tanta and El-Mahalla el-Kubra.

Tens of thousands marched in Alexandria while the number of those protesting in Sinai was estimated to be around 250,000.

Tuesday's protests were by far the biggest since street demonstrations broke out against Mubarak's rule last week.

"The crowd is very diverse - young, old, religious, men, women - and growing by the minute," Al Jazeera's online producer said from Tahrir Square.

"They're chanting the same slogans they've been chanting all week. Someone actually hung an effigy of Mubarak from a streetlight."

Organisers had called for a march by a million people on the day, but the turnout surpassed all expectations. Soldiers deployed at the square did nothing to stop the crowds from entering.

They formed a human chain around protesters, and checked people for weapons as they entered. Tanks had been positioned near the square, and officers checked identity papers.

According to reports, the military police placed barbed wire around Mubarak's residence in Masr el-Gedidah, a suburb east of Cairo.

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